July 06, 2009

How to Find Someone's Name From a Cell Phone Number - Stop! You May Get Outdated Results!

By Shania Ward

Ever needed to trace a cell phone number? You have three options:

A. Hire a Private Detective

B. Search the Directory

C. Look in an Online Database

Is it really as easy as A. B. C? Unfortunately not. So let's take a closer look at your choices.

A. Hiring a Private Detective - Many people still think this is the only option. But fortunately that's not the case. The process is long, expensive and not the most practical.

B. Searching the Phone Book - This was never really an option, so I apologize. The directory will only give you information on a land number. Since cellular phones are considered 'private', there are laws to protect them and no public listings have been compiled as of June 2009, in the USA.

C. Online Databases - Now you're talking! Although cellular numbers aren't in the public domain, a few authorized sources do have access to them. Since so many of us need to get our hands on them too, there are services that collect or 'lease out' these records. But once you look for such databases you'll find so many that you may not know which to choose.

Be your own detective! So you've found the sources, now you need to select which one to go with. Here are a few clues. Most of these services will claim to specialize in data retrieval. Sure, they'll have a database but is it accurate?

Stop! You may get outdated results!

Some of these records are built on other databases and with the frequency at which mobile numbers change it could be almost impossible to track. Unless you've made the right choice and selected an agency that ensures its data is regularly updated, you run the risk of getting inaccurate and outdated results. This is why it's extremely important that you select reliable and trustworthy service when looking to trace a cell number.

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