July 23, 2010

Explore X10 Home Security System

Have you ever wondered how to protect your household from unnecessary situations like theft, fire hazard and other such misfortunes?  There’s a highly automated system that can help you put things in your own hands. 

You can mechanize your lighting in an instant to catch those obnoxious criminals entering your property with this x10 home security system. You can even automate you traditional burglar alarms.

X10 Security Systems

What does x10 technology imply?  Does it follow a wireless system?  How does it work?  Is it safe?  What are its advantages?  These are the most familiar questions commonly encountered when considering x10 home system.

Let us answer all these questions one by one: 

What does x10 technology imply?   

X10 home technology is a security system by which your traditional wired appliances are modified into an automated one.  It usually comes with a handy remote control to monitor and run all your electrical devices in just one click of a button. 

Like computers and robotics, this system employs the concept of automation.  It has just recently emerged in the home security market and  is a combination of both traditional and contemporary innovation wherein a wired and a wireless technology works as one. 

Does it follow a wireless system?

Yes it does.  However, a recently installed wired system can be developed into x10.  As the name implies, it is crafted to be ten times faster than a conventional one.  

With its x10 configuration of signal transmission, it is said to function by means of electrical system of cables.  Like the wireless technology, it allows almost a hands-free control of any automatic appliance at home.   

How does it work?

X10 system makes use of a module that is directly fixed and connected to appliances like wired burglar alarms, lights, coffee makers and other such equipment at home.  The connected module has options of on and off commands.  Usually, this module unit is created with digital modes.  

Is it safe?

For some instances, it is considered safe.  However, a number of cases have troubled its effectiveness and safety, since a range of appliances including TV’s and radios can affect the flow of transmission signals using x10.  But to prevent such interferences, you may opt to use and install an electric line conditioner for safety purposes. 

What are its advantages?

Statistics show that approximately ten million American residents use these x10 home security products.  The reason for this is that:  it is very affordable, ideal for existing electrical wirings, requires simple installation, time tested and is attuned with over 100 compatible appliances. 

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