August 21, 2010

The Clear Home : Using Fire Glass Over Wood Logs

Everyone loves to gather around a nice warm fireplace at their home such as Peterson gas logs. You can relax and be taken in by the spellbinding dance of the flames of fire glass. Plus, they come in many lovely designs that fit right in with the decor of any home. Today, you might notice that the familiar odor of fire logs is strangely absent around numerous fire pits, and this is because many homeowners are replacing their traditional wood fire logs with fire glass.

Fire glass products are hotter than ever. They are replacing traditional wood logs of all types. There are so many perks to using the eco-friendly material that it is a top choice and clear alternative to wood logs for tons of homeowners. Best of Gas Logs is the material provides a green solution for many conscientious fire blazers–wood just doesn’t burn as clean as glass and many fire log products let off noxious fumes.

Homeowners also love that they no longer have to fumble around with messy fire logs, and its better to doesn’t need vent anymore like R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs. Wood logs leave you with a pile of ash and debris to clean up. In addition to this you have to remove the messy logs when you are done with them. With fire glass there is no ash or debris. There are also never any odors or dangerous fumes.

The look of fire glass is also highly desirable over fire logs. The glass has a luminosity and sparkle that give a whole new look to fireplaces. Flames dance around fire glass in lovely patterns and light up the glass making it look like a pile of lit up diamonds.

And don’t worry about the glass melting. It is highly durable and will never melt on you under normal circumstances. It is composed of tempered glass that can withstand extremely high temperatures. You can find out further information at this Gas Log FAQs too.

Whether you have an indoor gas fireplace or an Outdoor Gas Logs, it is time to make the switch to a cleaner more beautiful burning material.

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