August 05, 2010

LaserShield Home Security Systems

LaserShield is one of the pioneers of convenient, plug-and-go security systems in the world.  They have developed some of the most convenient, easy to use and affordable security system products that are ideal not just for homes and dormitories, but also for offices and stores as well.

A LaserShield home security starter kit begins at about $200.  This kit includes the master unit and the wireless detection units, along with a keychain remote.  These are powered by a battery source and will send a signal to the master alarm unit if the battery power is low.

The wireless detection units or sensors use passive infrared and have a detection span of 110 degrees from the front and reaching over 35 feet.  One detection unit can cover about 1100 sq.ft.  

If the alarm is tripped, the unit emits a 105-decibel loud siren.  The master unit gets its main power source from a standard AC outlet and has a back-up rechargeable battery in case of a power outage. 

LaserShield alarms utilizes an existing telephone line to connect to a remote monitoring system.  Monitoring for LaserShield's security alarm system is provided by Rapid Response Monitoring, a licensed facility that has a certification from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The system also includes a panic button which can be activated at any time, whether the main system is armed or disarmed.  The panic button can also be operated using the keychain remote.

Benefits of the LaserShield security system
LaserShield also boasts of the quickest response time in the industry and can begin a return contact after about 30 seconds after an alarm signal is received.  The system is also equipped with alarm-reporting features which are triggered by a low battery signal, loss of power, phone line disconnection, a panic button activation and a cancel.

Another feature of the LaserShield security alarm unit that is worth getting is their 'user call' feature.  This allows the homeowner to call his alarm system via telephone or cell phone and access the status of the system using a PIN.  They can check the system remotely to see whether it the alarm feature is on or disabled. 

They can also remotely activate microphones in the house to listen in on the occupants.  A good feature to have if you have young children, babysitters, housesitters and pets.

To find out more about their systems, go to and check out the different possible combinations of home security devices you can use.  Units are also available nationwide at Home Depot, CostCo, K-Mart, Sears, Montgomery Ward, Skymall and Comp USA.

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