June 24, 2009

How to Cure Computer Errors Forever

By James Henry Johnson Platinum Quality Author

Computer errors don't actually cause any harm to your PC. They are annoying, but they are simply a way for your computer to tell you that something is wrong. Because Windows is actually pretty good at repairing itself, it only sends an error message when it can't fix the problem at hand. This means that there are 1,000's of different error messages which could show up on screen, which can be confusing and daunting. Luckily, there's a simple way to fix almost all error messages that a beginner can do.

The main cause of computer errors is a hidden part of your system, known as the 'registry'. This is the central database for Windows, and is where all your computer's most important files are stored. Everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper are stored in this database, and Windows is constantly accessing the files inside it. This is okay, but the problems occur when Windows actually corrupts or loses the files.

When this happens, Windows tries frantically to fix the files again (because it needs them to operate). However, most of the time, it doesn't know how to fix registry files. This means that it needs to tell you that something's wrong, and ends up sending you an error message to get you to fix the problem.

That's why many errors seem to appear out of nowhere, and seem to be quite random... because the registry is sitting at the core of Windows, which makes it invisible to everyday computer users. To fix this problem, we simply need to fix the bad files inside the registry, but because there are so many files inside there (100,000), it's impossible for a human to do it on their own.

So we need to rely on a software tool known as a registry cleaner to go in and fix the errors for us. Using one of these tools, such as "RegCure", will actually make them check every file in the registry and if it's broken, it will fix it. They work incredibly fast and actually remove a lot of the errors from your PC permanently.

You can download RegCure from this site, which also shows you which is the best registry cleaner for getting rid of errors.

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