June 07, 2009

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat Real Fast! Absolutely Critical Tips You Must Follow

By Rahul Talwar
The biggest problem faced by overweight people is to lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time. Most people face problems in either losing weight or building muscles and in the process also lose their motivation. If you too are facing a similar dilemma then you can surely use some tips to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Cut down on those excess calories. One important change will certainly have to be in your diet. You will need to reduce your calorie intake by around 15% on a daily basis so as to lose weight. But more importantly, your diet needs to replace unhealthy and fatty foods with healthy and green foods that are rich in carbohydrates and proteins so that you get the necessary energy to exercise without piling on those pounds. Get professional help in designing a new diet that will need to be constantly supervised and altered as you start losing weight and gaining muscles. Get into the right mix of exercises. You can start weight training but along with those exercises you will also require some fat-busting exercises. While leg raises and crunches can help reduce those love handles, jogging and swimming can also help burn away those stubborn layers of accumulated fat quickly. The right mix of exercises will help you to get leaner, fitter and muscular at the same time. Work on specific muscle groups. Your gym instructor can help you to devise exercise routines that can target specific muscles so as to bring them in proportion to your body weight. If your abdomen is large or if your arms are flabby then different exercises will be required to trim them down and convert them into rock-hard muscles. Remain determined. You might find many obstacles in your path to losing weight. Sticking to your diet and exercise routine while managing your work and social life can be difficult. However, look at the larger, oops leaner picture and work towards your goal with dogged determination. If you falter, get up and run quickly without thinking too much about it. A strong will-power will result in a strong, muscled and lean body devoid of excess fat. An absolute must know for you- But there are secrets about body building you don't know yet. So...don't sit back and relax. Get on the edge of your seat because you are about to be introduced to the dirty little secrets of body building you were never told. These secrets are so effective that they would get you the body you desire within a matter of a few months without any hard supplements or steroids. This is only known to a few and you are one of the lucky one's who is being introduced to this shocking secret click here- Tell me the Secret.

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