June 27, 2009

How to Trace a Cell Phone Number for Free

By Perry James Typing the cell phone number into your favorite search engine such as Google or Yahoo, is often the easiest method of tracing a cell phone number. Scanning through what comes up in the search can possibly result in you obtaining the information you seek. This is because the internet is a huge place, thus a cell phone number could be listed on anywhere for virtually any reason. If a phone number is listed on a networking site such as Facebook or Myspace, or on a business site, it should come up in the search engine's search. This allows you to get information about whose number it is. Often, even unlisted cell phone numbers may appear on the internet for all sorts of reasons which the cell phone number's owner may not even be aware of. If a large list of links comes up in the search, try searching with the phone number (without the area code) listed in quotations, as in: 555 "123 4567", or replacing the area code with the name of the state or possibly even the name of the city if you know what it is. Online cell phone directories are also another way of searching for personal information about the owner of the cell phone number. There are various free cell phone directories available but information from such websites, generally speaking, are limited to name and address, it may serve as a good starting point for your search. Of course the address may be outdated since cell phones are mobile. Try looking through various reverse lookup websites as some of the websites may be outdated. While many sites charge a fee for such searches, most websites nowadays are providing reverse search features free of charge for the public. Most reverse lookup sites allow you to do a free preview searches for free. Naturally, it is always a risk to reveal detailed information about your phone number or yourself as you may have to endure various sales calls and emails. Another option is to use volunteer directories. Such databases are comprised of those who voluntarily provide contact information and cell phone numbers. Should the person you are looking for have previously listed their information on such a site, you can trace the number for free. However, there is little you can do if they have not. Should there be an urgent need to obtain the most recent and up-to-date information with accuracy ensured, you may have to resort to paying roughly $20 at various trusted websites such as Cell Reverse Search which can be found at http://www.cellreversesearch.com/ . Although these sites are not free, you are told exactly what sort of information you are paying for before you actually pay the search fee. While the internet may not provide all the information you will ever require, it can give you a general idea about the cell phone number you are tracing. With the internet, chances are you will be able to trace cell phone number free of charge. That being said, you should remember to block your cell phone number if you desire privacy. You can remove your cell phone number from online directories such as http://www.cellphoneregistry.org and http://www.cellreversesearch.com Perry James is a licensed private investigator and author on public records.

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