June 19, 2009

How to Do a Proper Product Launch

By Kamran Picken Product launches are the easiest and fastest way of making money. However, most people get it wrong. There is a common misconception that it is very difficult, that it takes a lot of effort and that only established people in the industry can make successful product launches. Do you know that even a newbie can create and market successful products and make a lot of money within a short time? You just need to get started and follow a course step by step and you will be surprised how quickly you can launch a product. There are two ways people bring their product out to the market. One is simply by listing and advertising their product in the internet, in article directories, ezines, forums, blogs and Web 2.0 properties. These people make a lot of money but they also leave a lot of money in the table. The other way of bringing out product in the market is by launching them. This is done with a lot of buzz and a countdown timer just like launching a rocket. This is much more successful and profitable that the previous way. There is a third way of launching a product. This has been done by a handful of marketers and the rest of the internet world knew nothing about it. Although it has been practiced by the top Fortune500 companies for decades, it is absolutely new to internet marketing. This technique involves launching your product with a lot of psychological 'additions' or complimentary products which make you thousand times more money than normal launches, and your customers think it is normal and in fact feel grateful for introducing them to the complimentary stuff. This is really powerful in multiplying your profits. Two marketers who have been using this technique to launch products have created a brand new online course that will reveal this way of launching products. Interestingly, they are giving away a lot of training materials for free and you can get them from http://www.launchtree.co.cc

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