June 29, 2009

How to Save on Fuel Bills?

By J. Mark Rodriguez And it's most definitely not some kind of information hype! It is actually proven science that you can install in your very own auto in less than an hour (even if you are not a true mechanic). What you don't know is the dirty little secret Big Oil Companies has known and kept from you for years. Water is power! That does not mean big hydroelectric power dams that cover hundreds and thousands of square miles. It means power from simple tap water in a device smaller than a milk crate...and you can do the thing yourself. They don't want you to convert to cleaner, cheaper, better, efficient fuels. They know plain water is about 299% more potent than gas, and they never want you to find out. It would slash their income. The key is the science behind this. What you'll do (once we give you the simple, safe instructions) is convert your car to a gas/water hybrid. You'll use both water and gas, but you'll slash your gas use to the bone, probably by 40-80% right away. Crazy, but true. A simple device you can make at home for pennies will take regular water (H2O) and convert it to a gas (HHO) that your car can run on. The only waste product is pure water again! Talk about being absolutely wonderful for the endangered environment. You can run for hundreds of miles on less than one quart of water. That means there's almost literally money pouring out of your kitchen faucet. It's completely safe. And since water burns cleaner and more efficiently than gas, it actually cleans your engine and helps your car run smoother over time...not to mention saving the environment from choking CO2 emissions. Here is the review of some of the products available to the market. http://www.officialreviews.us/reviews/autos/how-to-save-fuel%3F.html For more info go to the information site at http://www.runyourcar4free.info/.

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